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Hair Care:Simple Home Hacks For Your Hair Care Treatment

Simple Home Hacks For Your Hair Care Treatment

It is quite confusing when it comes to the hair care treatment. You cannot make out which way to go to as the route makes headway to both the directions -“to oil or to not oil” and “to condition or not to condition”.
If you go to your mother or granny’s way, others advise you something as opposed to the traditional method of “oiling hair”. Contrary to it, the health experts suggest you not to oil your hair, while your salon representative encourages you to go to the hair spa, strengthening or Moroccan oil.

Though the whole thing is quite puzzling, it is better to know the best hair care tips to maintain your hair and make them look lustrous and voluminous. The tips are quite handy when you are really eager to have the best results for your hair.

Some Hair Care Tips For All Types of Hair

Oil your Hair

The engine needs fuel to be charged up. So do your locks. Minerals, vitamins and fatty acids intensify the roots of the hair and also improve its overall health. All these essential nutrients come from the oil. Amongst different hair oil types, the hair experts recommend to use coconut oil. The oil offers an all-around protection from the sun damage, split ends, and frizz and prevents the buildup of sebum on the hair follicles.

For the best results, use Chinese hibiscus flowers in coconut oil and apply it onto your scalp. If hair fall has become a nightmare for you, use hair care treatment as suggested by hair expert Nicole Charnel.  Follow the LOC method to do away with your dilemma. Leave your hair with water, then use any oil of your choice like coconut, olive or almond, and then use some conditioner or cream. The method leaves your hair shiny and frizz free.
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Some Kitchen Fixes For Your Hair

What does your healthy and delicious breakfast include? Of course, they are eggs, honey, yogurt, and some fruits. Nor do they only make a healthy and sumptuous breakfast, but they make good hair care ingredients too. Simultaneously, they are all natural and affordable.

You may wonder to know that avocados contain hair oil agents as similar as our skin’s. And the acidity in lemon is effective and gentler to remove dandruff from your hair too. So, opt for some of the kitchen groceries and use them for your own hair care.

Hair Masks

Winter months mean dry and frizzy hair. A hair mask with the goodness of apple cider vinegar, Argan oil and rosemary works best to make your hair shiny. The mask aids in removing buildup on the scalp, nourishing hair strands and softening the scalp. Make a mask using these ingredients and apply on to your hair. Let it dry for 15 minutes, and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Apply this once a month.

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Hair Conditioning

There is another option for hair conditioning, which suits every hair type. The wonders of eggs do the magic to make your hair shiny. The proteins and fats present in the yellow part of the eggs moisturize your hair, while the white part removes excessive oil from your scalp, leaving it lustrous. Normal hair can stand the entire egg; dry hair gets life with egg yolks, and oily hair would love egg whites. Apply egg-yolk and entire eggs twice a month, and only egg white twice a week.
To prevent sun damage, you can use a mask using honey. It contains natural humectants to keep your hair moisturized.
So, these are some of the effective ways to make your hair look beautiful, stay away from the potential damages.

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